Hobe Pergh

Hobe Pergh
Hobe Pergh literally means "mountain grass": this brand offers unique products and treatments, respecting the cycles of local wild herbs and exploiting the incredible biodiversity and pure air of the Altopiano di Asiago. Long lasting results, ingredients and processes inspired by tradition and rural recipes are now working for your skin.
Hobe Pergh
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The Höbe Pergh Collection

Höbe Pergh was born on the Altopiano di Asiago, a land with a history stretching back thousands of years, rich in the purest natural elements. From this unique environment, which offers thousands of Alpine officinal plants grown in extreme climatic conditions, wild with above-average active ingredients, comes the idea of creating a product line precisely from this officinal treasure. With 24 years of research behind it, the brand reinvents the concept of natural to create a beauty line with unique and innovative patents never before used. Even today, the company pursues continuous research, experimentation and phytotherapeutic innovation.


Höbe Pergh Features 

The sustainability and the idea of natural cosmetics have in recent years been at the centre of a new way of producing cosmetics, to create products that are low impact on the environment and incorporate more and more natural ingredients in the formulations. This is a key concept of Höbe Pergh, which celebrates the idea of a consumer who is conscious and attentive to the quality and sustainability of what we buy. Efficient, sustainable and natural products therefore underpin the brand's philosophy, putting the most sophisticated biotechnology and an entirely Made in Italy production at their service.


Bestselling Höbe Pergh Products on 50 ml

  • 1977 Oak Diffuser: this room diffuser gives you the feeling of being in a beautiful old Parisian bookshop. A fragrance with warm, enveloping notes.
  • Capilven Glycerine Extract: a body oilenhanced with extracts of Bilberry, Butcher's Broom and Horse Chestnut. These powerful plant actives have a decongestant, vasoprotective and astringent action, while at the same time promoting circulation, and are particularly suitable for combating imperfections resulting from capillary fragility and poor circulation.
  • Daily Defense Anti-ageing Face Cream: formulated from the sexceptional beneficial properties of rice germ, this face cream improves the appearance of the skin through its regenerating, soothing and repairing action. It restores firmness and significantly reduces wrinkles.
  • Eye Contour Cream: this eye contour cream is also formulated from the magical properties of rice germ, which is able to deeply repair the skin. Protects the eye area from environmental damage.
  • Face Cleanser Gel: this gel guarantees a deep cleansing of the skin and an antibacterial effect, thanks to the polyphenols contained in the Spruce Honeydew Honey. An ideal product even for the most sensitive skin, it removes impurities, improves skin radiance and provides a refreshing, moisturising and soothing action.


Höbe Pergh Reviews: Discover our Customers' Reviews!

  • Face Toning Herbs and Hay Extract: “A really effective natural extract. I love the scent, and the skin really feels firmer” Lucia
  • Nourishing and Regenerating Face Mask: “This very nourishing face mask is perfect to use once a week, especially in winter and if you have dry skin. I get on very well and it has no harmful ingredients for the skin” Jacopo
  • Purifying Balancing Face Cream: “For me it solved once and for all impurity problems that no other product had solved. Gentle, natural, but very effective for skin prone to blemishes like mine” Fabrizio
  • Face Scrub: “A face scrub to be used sparingly, especially suitable for combination or oily skin – if you have oily skin I would also use it twice a week because it has no harmful ingredients. Smells wonderful!” Cristina

Discover the Höbe Pergh Eye Contour and the other wonderful products for a natural and environmentally friendly body routine. If you still haven't found what's right for you and need some help with your skincare routine, we're here to help: contact our Customer Service. I remind you that at 50 ml you can buy samples of all the fragrances in the catalogue. Explore the best body products and the best hair products on 50 ml. Free samples on request with every order.