Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil & Stella

Astrophil & Stella is a brand of artistic perfumery distinguished for creating fragrances inspired by intimate suggestions and elusive emotions, much like poetry. Each perfume from this brand is the olfactory tale of a legendary love story between Astrophil, a brave and daring man, and Stella, an otherworldly woman symbolizing beauty and sensuality. 

Astrophil & Stella
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Astrophil & Stella Perfumes 

An Italian artistic perfumery brand that brings to life fragrances inspired by emotions, just like poetry always does. Each Astrophil & Stella perfume is a bottled version of a fantastic love, that between Astrophil and Stella, a love that travels between earth and the firmament. 


History and Philosophy of Astrophil & Stella Perfumes 

Astrophil & Stella is an Italian brand of niche perfumes that centers its entire collection on an imaginary love story, as legendary as it is, between Astrophil, a brave and daring man, and Stella, an otherworldly woman, a representation of beauty and sensuality. The reference is to the collection of poems by Sir Philip Sidney from 1591, which narrates this very bond. 

Astrophil & Stella perfumes represent the perfect olfactory transposition of the epic love between these two characters. But let's get to know this love story better! During a night when every star shines in the darkness of the sky, Astrophil notices a light falling from the firmament. With courage and passion, the man ventures into the flowered fields, illuminated only by the glow of the moon, with a heart pounding with emotion. In the middle of the clearing, he finds Stella. Together, wrapped in a mystical ecstasy, they close their eyes and abandon themselves to each other’s arms. In the air, only their scent, from which every Astrophil & Stella fragrance draws inspiration. 

Astrophil & Stella perfumes are ideal for those with a decisive character, but also need to dream and be enchanted. The goal of this brand, which leverages the precious work of noses like Arturetto LandiLuca MaffeiCecile Zarkoian, and Meo Fusciuni and many others, is to renew the most intense essences such as amber and oud, creating fragrances that capture the essence of all seasons, from the lightness of spring to the desire for warmth during the cold winter days.  

Every Astrophil & Stella bottle is made by masters of the Italian glassmaking tradition, enriched with an elegant zamak cap and housed in handmade boxes, laid on a soft bed of alcantara. 


Astrophil & Stella Best Selling Perfumes on 50 ml 

  • Astrophil & Stella Paris Cheri Extrait de Parfum: a perfume with a lively personality, where the enveloping aroma of coffee and cocoa blends with the sweetness of vanilla. At the same time, the woody and resinous notes intertwine with those of cinnamon and cardamom. Completing this composition is a fresh hint of flowers and berries. A talc-like, pleasant, and elegant fragrance. 
  • Astrophil & Stella In Extremis Extrait de Parfum: a perfume that pays homage to Caravaggio and his revolutionary art, capable of transforming the canvas into a mirror of the soul. With its smoky and amber notes, accompanied by greener and aromatic ones, this fragrance invites you to embrace the most creative and dark side within you and enter the incredible artistic world of a genius like Caravaggio. 
  • Astrophil & Stella Into the Oud Extrait de Parfum: a warm and woody perfume magically enriched by a spicy and citrusy cocktail that blends into a sweet and silky heart of caramel and davana. Adding depth and intensity to this fragrance are oud, amber, and oakmoss. 
  • Astrophil & Stella Nabati Extrait de Parfum: a perfume that is the perfect blend of leathery and marine fragrance. Like the desert poetry from which it takes its name, Nabati is enveloped by an evocative and mysterious aura. It opens with a symphony of cardamom and saffron that intertwine with rose, cedar, and iris, then closes on a bed of vetiver, oud, and vanilla. A real gem! 
  • Astrophil & Stella Shanghai 1930 Extrait de Parfum: an oriental and floral perfume, intense and fascinating, with deep and delicate notes. What strikes you at first impact is the green tea that merges with the hypnotic and sophisticated scent of tuberose. The slightly powdery base is enriched with the presence of myrrh, tonka bean, and amber, giving the fragrance sensuality. 


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