Atyab Al Marshoud

Atyab Al Marshoud

Atyab Al Marshoud is an artistic perfumery brand founded in 1925 in Kuwait and today one of the country's leading perfume manufacturers. The brand is committed to creating fragrances that leave an indelible mark and satisfy even the most refined tastes. Each fragrance is the result of travelling the world in search of fine, high-quality ingredients. 

Atyab Al Marshoud
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Atyab Al Marshoud Perfumes  

An artistic perfumery brand founded in 1925 by Sulaiman Al Marshoud and today recognized as the leading brand in the fragrance industry of Kuwait, with a legacy spanning generations. Atyab Al Marshoud perfumes leave an indelible mark on those who wear them, catering to even the most refined tastes 


History and Philosophy of Atyab Al Marshoud Perfumes 

Atyab Al Marshoud, with its evocative name, celebrates the rich heritage and tradition of perfumery in Kuwait. Founded in 1925 by Sulaiman Al Marshoud, the brand is acclaimed as a pioneer in the fragrance industry of the region, with a heritage passed down through generations. Sulaiman's vision to explore beyond boundaries in search of exotic and precious ingredients has made Atyab Al Marshoud a symbol of quality and craftsmanship. 

The brand skillfully blends traditional wisdom with modern techniques, creating collections that reflect the variety of tastes of its audience. Each perfume is the result of global journeys in search of refined, high-quality ingredients. 

The production of fragrances takes place in France to ensure rigorous quality control and unparalleled manufacturing excellence. "We make perfumes, we create memories," says the brand, highlighting its aim to transform each fragrance into an unforgettable experience. Atyab Al Marshoud is dedicated to preserving its heritage, paying homage to the past and embracing the future. 

Indeed, Atyab Al Marshoud's creations expertly balance classic elements with contemporary touches, offering fragrances that are both modern and deeply rooted in history. 

Atyab Al Marshoud provides an olfactory journey through culture and history. Each fragrance is a discovery, an adventure, an indelible memory. Passion for excellence and attention to detail make each perfume a work of art, establishing the brand as a pillar of global luxury perfumery. 


Atyab Al Marshoud Perfumes Best Sellers on 50 ml 

  • Atyab Al Marshoud 4 White Eau de Parfum: a fougère fragrance that has captivated everyone with its aromatic notes of mint and the warmth of woods and white musk. Enriched with saffron, this fragrance is perfect for those who enjoy feeling both fresh and sophisticated. 
  • Atyab Al Marshoud 4 Red Eau de Parfum: a fruity fragrance that envelops the wearer in a veil of boldness and warmth. 4 Red Eau de Parfum is an ode to strength and passion, combining pink pepper and cardamom with the sweetness of raspberry, creating an irresistible blend that stimulates the senses and imagination. 
  • Atyab Al Marshoud Violet Eau de Parfum: a women's fragrance that captures the essence of blooming violets. This fragrance opens with fresh floral notes of jasmine, intertwining with a soft and relaxing heart of lily, lavender, and violet. Light and delicate, this perfume is ideal for floral fragrance enthusiasts. 
  • Atyab Al Marshoud Pink Eau de Parfum: a fruity feminine fragrance that evokes distant lands and celebrates sensuality in all its forms. Oud blends with the earthiness of patchouli, creating a robust and welcoming fragrance enriched with hints of raspberry and jasmine. The perfect choice for those who want to be noticed with elegance and boldness. 
  • Atyab Al Marshoud Lychee Body and Hair Spray: an ultra-refreshing body and hair fragrance, thanks to the sweet and juicy aroma of lychee, mixed with rose and musk. A fragrance that bursts with energy and provides well-being. 


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